Admissions Process

RIA Global Education utilizes a “dual admission” system. This means that applicants must be accepted by both RIA and one of our Partner Schools in order to attend one of the RIA Programs. The RIA admissions process is focused primarily on verification of students’ academic qualifications, evaluation of students’ English language skills and evaluation of students’ non-academic accomplishments. Because RIA has several Partner Schools our staff will help students to select the school that best matches their interests and skills. This will help ensure the best chance of admission and future success in our program.


STEP 1: Complete the online application and submit electronically along with the $100.00 application fee.

STEP 2: Complete the supplemental application forms: English teacher recommendation, math teacher recommendation, student statement and parent statement. These forms can be downloaded from the Supplemental Application forms page and scanned or photo copies can be submitted to RIA by email at

STEP 3: Submit copies of official transcripts for the most recent 2 years of schooling. Transcripts can be submitted via email at

STEP 4: Submit copies of English testing results via email to (if no testing is available please contact RIA to arrange for supplemental English testing).

STEP 5: Schedule an interview with RIA admissions staff by contacting or by calling +1 401 519 6611 ext 655.


After submitting a completed application form, supplemental application forms and documents and interviewing with RIA admissions staff, qualified student applications will be sent to our partner schools and where applicable second round interviews arranged.

If you have any questions about qualifications or procedures don't hesitate to ask our staff by email at or by calling +1 401 519 6611 ext 655